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Post Info TOPIC: Its a Bird? Is it a Plane? Nah.....It's just Gear Lube.....I'm Baaaaack!!

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Its a Bird? Is it a Plane? Nah.....It's just Gear Lube.....I'm Baaaaack!!

What's uppppppppppppppp

At least if I died I know someone might ask!  Yes I have been globe trotting!  At the end of May into June I spent two weeks in London for work.  Was busy working through all the logistics bringing together a global telco strategy.  I get back on a Saturday.  Was very jet lagged and slept but managed to go to a small St. Paul show at the fairgrounds.  There I met up with Jeremy at Unique Mankato.  We had a good talk and I decided to consign it with him.  He came the next Wednesday and picked up my car.  The next day I left for India and was there for 2.5 weeks!  I got back a week ago and have been swamped ever since.  But I owe my fellow comrads some reasons so here goes....

I love Chevelles.  I am a big fan of most all cars.  But it has been a many year struggle with the Velle.  Most of you either know my struggles and pain or helped me first hand...Tim.....I got to a point where it wasn't fun anymore.  It left me on the side of the road three times in the last 4 months alone!  It hit me when I was on my way to my mechanic shop for a final tune.  I had to pull over because my oil sending unit broke and caught fire!  No damage just lots of smoke.  Sitting there on the side of the road on Hwy 70 waiting for the tow truck, my spirit broke.  I lost the desire.

Yes I got it dialed in.  Perfect actually now.  Even the dome light!  But now when I drive it all I do is worry.  Whats that sound?  Whats that smell.  Temperature good?  Oil Pressure?  I have a deep anxiety over just driving it.  It stopped being fun.

Its all my fault.  I custom fabricated the car way too much.  And we all know when you do that it causes issues.  Well I learned my lesson.  A hard and expensive lesson.  I have a new Camaro as most of you know.  I love it.  Get in and drive fast.  Maybe it is my getting older...Maybe it is my schedule that I need that convenience factor now.  I don't know.  But you just get to that bending point and break.  I did.  It broke.

I kept good tabs on the expenses.  I bought the car real cheap when I did.  As most of you know I am known as the "Internet Mechanic".  I was self taught.  So with that I was able to save a lot of money relying on friends, and doing trades like I did for my engine, body and paint.  Actually I am sworn to secrecy on what i paid for those items because I did a pretty good trade for labor deal there.

They are selling the car for $26900....I have asked for $23K for my reserve.  They will make some money, they have too.  But even at $23K, and here is the amazing part.....I will actually make a few bills after my expeduratures.  None for my labor, but as my wife says, you don't make money on your hobbies....

There has been a lot of interest in the car.  It will sell I am sure. 

But I am finished there.  Chapter closed....

I hope you will all still accept me as a true fan of the Chevelle in the club.  I have done a lot for the club with this forum to hopefully and humbily deserve a place at the table.


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Pull up the chair, your place is set.

Enjoying is part of the fun and if you can't then what it is the point.

Next time, cuz you know the bug will come back, go fuel injection / crate donor LSx engine and need not worry as much.

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Owning a Chevelle or any classic car of any kind is like the mob. Once your in, your in and you can never leave. At the price Unique wants for it. Thats giving it away.

The best part of this isnt about the car itself. Its about the friends you made and the things you learned while working on it.

I parked my car for good a few years back until I could really get down and do the needed things done to it. It was also getting stressfull to drive and taking the fun out of it.


Chris - Ramsey, MN.

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I hear ya too. I am still antsy when I drive mine-I just haven't gotten that comfortable feeling yet. I understand the more I drive it, the more in tune I will get with it too.

Don't forget, along with the mob mentality, you're still a "made man" until the end of the year with dues, after that if you don't want to be a member, you don't have to but we will still accept you none the less and feel free to keep hanging out with us.


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I think we've all been there buddy... I've come close to putting mine up for sale a few times, but just have too much history with this car to let it go. (bought it when I was 15) One thing about this club is that there are some incredibly helpful people willing to lend a hand when you need it. Things can, and sometimes do go wrong with these cars on the road, but it's nice to know you're not alone when you have a problem... there's guys here who will drop what they're doing and help you out any time.

I don't blame you for being frustrated. Someone's going to get a great car for that price. I wish you luck.


Derek Kiefer - Mantorville, MN

69 Malibu Pro-Touring stroker LS1-383/T56 - 69 SS396-325/3spd project

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